Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Tommy Jackson - The 78rpm Collection

Sally Johnson
Katy Hill
Wake Up Susan
When the Leaves Begin to Turn Brown
Rickett's Hornpipe
Here and There
Sally Ann
Whistling Rufus
Golden Slippers
Eighth of January
Stony Point
Trouble Among the Yearlings
Uncle Joe
Cripple Creek
Ricestrow (Rye Straw)

Clayton McMichen - Old-Time Music

Clayton McMichen - fiddle
Slim Bryant - guitar
Jerry Wallace - tenor banjo

Side 1 - Turkey in the Straw, Old Hen Cackle, Fiddler's Dram
Side 2 - Old Joe Clark, Pretty Little Widder, Shortenin' Bread
Side 3 - Fire on the Mountain, Ida Red, Sally Gooden
Side 4 - Soldier's Joy, Arkansas Traveler, Mississippi Sawyer
Side 5 - Devil's Dream, Ricketts Hornpipe, Fisher's Hornpipe

Kenny Owens - Mid-American Music from Arkansas

1. I Got the Bug
2. High School Sweater
3. Come Back Baby
4. Frog Man Hop
5. Wrong Line
6. Come Back Baby
7. Crazy for Your Love
8. I'm Cheatin' Again
9. Christmas Poem
10. Traveling on Her Mind
11. Oh How I Miss You
12. Ballad of the Teenage Queen
13. Hey Porter
14. Honky Tonk Man
15. Mama Layed the Law Down
16. Long Lost John
17. That Big Ole Moon
18. You've Got No Reason
19. First Date
20. A Boy Named Sue
21. Big Boss Man
22. Together Again
23. Oakie from Muskogee
24. Hot Rod Race

Cowboy Copas - Chronological Classics 1947-1949

Gid Tanner & The Skillet Lickers - Hog Killing Day

A Day at the Country Fair
Prohibition Yes or No
Taking the Census
Hog Killing Day
Jeremiah Hopkins Store at Sand Mountain
A Bee Hunt on the Hill for Sartin Creek
The Original Arkansas Traveler
Possum Hunt on Stump House Mountain
Prosperity and Politics
Practice Night with the Skillet Lickers

Sid Harkreader - Collection 1925-1928

Sid Harkreader - Solo Vocalion Session- April 13-15, 1925
The Dying Girl's Message
New River Train
Where is My Boy Tonight
I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
Many Time With You I Wandered
Southern Whistling Coon
Struttin' Round

Sid Harkreader and Grady Moore - Paramount - June 1927
The Bully of the Town
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
Old Joe
John Henry
There's A Little Rosewood Casket
The Gambler's Dying Words
A Picture From Life's Other Side
Where We'll Never Grow Old
Kitty Wells
Way Down In Jail on My Knees
My Little Home in Tennessee
In the Sweet Bye and Bye
The Old Rugged Cross
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
Lazy Tennessee

Sid Harkreader and Blythe Poteet - Paramount - April 1928
Red River Valley
It Won't Be Long Now
Life's Railway to Heaven
He'll Find No Girl Like Me
Sweet Bird
Drink Her Down
Take Me Back to My Old Carolina Home
Wang Wang Blues
Where Is My Mama
Travelling Coon
Chin Music
On the Bowery

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Loretta Lynn - Chronological Classics 1965

V/A - Boom Chica Boom

1. Delbert Barker - So Doggone Lonesome
2. Sleepy LaBeef - Home of the Blues
3. Marie Roberson - Hell Bound Train
4. Jack Reno - The Biggest Man
5. Houston Barks - She's Gone
6. Paul Evans - I Got Stripes
7. Bill Mack - Johnny's Gal Frankie
8. Sleepy LaBeef - Don't Make Me Go
9. Charlie Stewart - Who'd Lie on Johnny Cash?
10. Lonnie Smithson - Quarter in the Jukebox
11. Kenny Owens - Hey Porter
12. Benny Barnes - Give My Love to Rose
13. Jimmy Webb - Jimmy Six
14. Kenny Owens - Ballad of a Teenage Queen
15. Johnny Sea - Frankie's Man Johnny

V/A - Dixieland Blues Vol. 2

1. Floyd, Sam and the Black Mountain Boys - Big Bad Moon
2. Kyle Brothers - The Gloryland Way
3. Ralph Reynolds - Alone by the Telephone
4. Fiddlin' Willie - Knocking at Your Door
5. Roy Queen - Sage Brush Ann
6. Grouchy and the Texas Pioneers - Beaumont Rag
7. Redd Harper - (We're a-Dancin') In the Old Red Barn Tonight
8. Cecil Hogan - Little Bashful Girl
9. Slim Dossey - Don't Just Stand There
10. Austin Wood - Headin' Home
11. Austin Wood - You Can Play Your Little Game Around the Corner
12. Cousin Chickie Hopkins - You Tell Her, I Stutter
13. Happy Wilson - I Know My Buddy's Sleeping There
14. Unknown Artist - That Regal Feeling

V/A - Dixieland Blues Vol. 3

1. Tommy Sargent - Night Train to Memphis
2. Tex Daniels - It Can't Rain Every Day
3. Ramblin' Tommy Scott - Mountain Music
4. Jimmy Saul - My Long Tall Gal from Tenn.
5. Buchanan Brothers - Don't Dog Me 'Round
6. Buchanan Brothers - Hootin-Nanny Papa
7. Odell Johnson - Dizzy Lizzie from Gismo St.
8. Sons of the Range - The Texas Cannonball
9. Bill & Mary Reid - The Bloom Has Left the Roses
10. Jim Hand - Columbus Stockade Blues
11. Bill Freeman - Separate Ration Blues
12. Hardrock Gunter - At the Jamboree Saturday Night
13. Billy Hughes - Rose of the Alamo
14. Johnny Hicks - Rainy Night Blues

V/A - Dixieland Blues

1. Bill Case - Just a Little More Lovin'
2. Glen Thompson - Dixieland Boogie
3. Dub Adams - Pocahuntas Stomp
4. Curt Hinson - Cotton Pickin' Baby
5. Snake River Outlaws - I Won't Go Huntin' Jake
6. Uncle Ned - I'll Wait for You
7. Tex Dixson - Honky Tonk Swing
8. Doug Harden - Good for Nothing Woman
9. Lester & Darold - Drive Inn Blues
10. Earl Peterson - Take Me Back to Michigan
11. Ludy Harris - That Glory Bound Train
12. Clyde Chesser's Texas Village Boys - Lost Highway
13. Sam Nichols - I Want My Alimony
14. Jimmy Prince - Live and Let Live

Cowboy Copas - Chronological Classics 1947